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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 26, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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can cause coma andider's even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim. good evening everybody. what started as a noise complaint in san francisco ended with police shooting and killing a man they say pointed a weapon at them. just a few blocks away, police are dealing with a man who has barricaded himself in his apartment. franklin is closed down.
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we're live with the latest on this standoff. >> reporter: carolyn, there's a heavy police presence out here right now. it's been this way all day. there are police surrounding the building where all of this is taking place. we have very few details being released by police at this time. as of just a few minutes ago, police were still trying to make contact with the suspect in the apartment. he has been barricaded inside this building since 7:30 this morning. police declared it a critical incident and brought out the s.w.a.t. team at 11:00. the two incidents started about the same time, around 11:00 this morning, five blocks away from each other. san francisco police responded to a noise complaint at the grenada residential hotel on suggester street -- sutter estate on tenderloin. someone, possibly a tenant, threw stereo speakers out the
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win door. >> been lots of calls about noise. >> reporter: police say lent they went to investigate, tenant pulled out a weapon, and the officers fired. authorities are not saying what kind of weapon the man had. >> the person displayed a weapon to the officer, and the officer fired. a fatal shot. to the victim. >> reporter: many of the hotel residents are seniors. this man heard the shots from inside his room. >> when i came out into the hall to see what was going on, some police officers were there, three police officers, one of whom was really shook up. and she was saying to the others that she didn't know how many shots she fired. >> reporter: police say the officer-involved shooting has no connection to another disturbance call inside a different apartment building, also around 11:00 this morning, police raced to franklin street to check on a man barricaded in his apartment.
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investigators spent most of the day at the apartment but had few details about the man inside. they blocked off surrounding streets in the neighborhood, and hostage negotiate you'res tried to make contact by phone with the barricaded man. >> a male subject barricaded inside his apartment and crisis negotiate you'res are trying to make contact with him. >> we just spoke with the san francisco police sergeant, and he says its unclear whether the hostage negotiator has made contact with the suspect. police aren't saying whether the suspect has a weapon. we know it appears police will be out here for a while to come. we heard san francisco authorities to make the call for lights so they can see when the sun sets. abc-7 news. >> carolyn: the navy is confirming that two 'op-i lots dunked a pair of $33 million helicopters into lake tahoe. take a look. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> carolyn: the video shows the choppers skimming the surface of the water. one of them appears to lose control, spinning and crashing into the water in a near disaster, the pilot did manage to regain control and pull the aircraft back into the air. even though the footage shows only one helicopter hitting the water, a navy spokesperson is saying both of them went in. this incident happened september 13th. the damage to the helicopters could reach half a million dollars. an version is underway and the two pilots are grounded until the investigation is complete. a death-rove inmate wants a federal judge to stop his education that is scheduled for wednesday. lawyers for brown filed court papers appealing a judge's decision to rue refuse to block the execution. if the appeals court does not block the california's first
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execution in five years, the drug cocktail will be used. brown was convicted of raping and murdering a girl 30 years ago. the highway patrol expects to be directing traffic near bodega bay. a wildfire is almost contained. a volunteer firefighter was in critical but stable condition at a burn center in san francisco after being injured battling the fire. he came into contact with a power line, it's believed. >> the pastor of a mega church in georgia will fight allegations he used church funds to seduce young man. he spoke publicly about the sex scandal for the first time today. we have this report on a sermon nobody expected a few days ago. >> an antigay past you in one of the largest churches in the world faced his 25,000 member congregation over accusations he
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used church funds to seduce young men. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. [applause] >> that's not me. that is not me. >> reporter: in a fourth lawsuit filed on friday, a 22-year-old man says he was 17 when the preacher first made advances. the young man said he had intimate sexual contact in a church trip to kenya, and they slept in the same room. >> i've been accused. i'm under attack. >> lawyers for the young man say he e-mailed these young boys, and choice boys who were above the legal age of consent. the pastor vowed to fight the allegations. >> i'm not going to try this case in the media. it will be tried in the court of justice. >> reporter: for now, some
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members of the congregation are supportive. others, not so much. >> should come out and deny these charges and let everybody know that, hey, this is not true. >> reporter: 25,000 members are wondering, what's going on. >> reporter: atlanta area ministers have come together over the weekend, saying they're prig -- praying for bishop long. >> carolyn: the latest poll numbers show the measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use is gaining popularity in california. voters favor proposition 1949 to 42% in a field pole this morning. in july, the measure trailed by four points. if prop 19 passes in november, california would become the first state to legalize pot. supporters say the tax revenue would inject money into local revenues cities and counties and statewide. party candidates worry it could lead to an increase in crime. >> a possible new attempt to free two american hikers still being held in iran.
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a construction freeze ends in israel so does it mean the end of middle east peace talks? [chanting] >> the sparks fly, and apilot is hailed a hero after an emergency landing in new york. and this bug's for you, a strategy to stop a slide in sales. budweiser's plan to give away its beer. >> leigh: a little fog near the coast cooled us down. more heat expected
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>> carolyn: a possible natural gas explosion has killed at
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least two people and leveled parts of a neighborhood in belgium. the explosion sent 17 others to the hospital and leveled at least three homes in the northern part of brussels. witnesses said they heard a loud blast and felt the ground shake. one person thought it was an earthquake. the iranian forces have crossed into neighboring iraq and killed 35 fighters involved in last week's bombing of a military parade. 12 women and children died. the general of the elite revolutionary guard said the terrorists were killed in the clash beyond the border. iran said it would target armed troops on iraqi soil. a freeze on israel's settlement construction ended today. jewish settlers broke ground on a kindergarten to celebrate, about it threatens the peace talks. the palestinians have threatened to walk out of the talks.
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both seeds need to keep talking. >> the parties are still working, still talking, secretary clinton and her team are working with them. we're very eager to keep these talks going. we think this is an unparalleled opportunity and a rare one, and we have to seize advantage of that. >> carolyn: axlerod says u.s. mediators have been trying to bridge the fan between the israelis and the palestinians. >> an iranian i'm records -- reports that a delegation will be trying to secure the release of two hikers. iranian authorities captured share a shoulder -- shourd and her fiancee and friend in iran. >> carolyn: a delta flight made an emergency landing laughs last
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night at jfk. a passenger captured this on his cell phone. >> stay down! stay down! >> carolyn: the plane's landing gear malfunctioned, sending sparks flying and leaving a wing dragging. passengers braced themselves and some prayed. [cheering] >> carolyn: no one was hurt. all 60 passengers left the plane through the main door and were bus'ed to the terminal. still ahead, potential problems for the steering wheel prompts a recall of thousands of cars. carol carol -- >> carolyn: if e.t. visits earth, the united nations has designated the first person to meet him. and warm weekend toward throughout the bay area. what's in store for the work@ú@ú
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>> carolyn: hyundai is recalling 140,000 sonata sedans in the united states. that recall affects 2011 models built between december 11, 2001, through december 102010. there's a defect in the steering column that could affect a driver's ability to manipulate the car. budweiser is unleashing a massive promotional campaign to push free beer and a hipper bud image to younger drinkers. it's kicking off a happy hour. budweiser is hoping to appeal to the under 30 set who are asking for healthier, lower calorie drinks. if aliens ever land on eight, they will now have someone to great them.
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she will be named the earth's official alien spacecraft greeter in a conference in britain next week. always good to be prepared. >> leigh: going to sleep so much better knowing that. i. >> carolyn: we had lovely weather. >> leigh: we did. it was hot inland. and we had a sea breeze that helped cool the bay and coast off a little bit today. you can see from our high definition east bay cam, the fog is sitting off the coast, and we have enjoyed a rather warm, toasty day today. here's a look at current readings, 98 in antioch. livermore, 97. 71 in san francisco. half moon bay, 63 degrees. these numbers compared to # -- 24 hours ago, you can get a sense where the cooling was. from oakland this hour last night.
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antioch, up four degrees this hour, and three degrees in fairfield. hires a look at some highs for the next couple of days. we continue will -- with mild temperatures overnight. more heat tomorrow, and then look for the clearing to begin and also cooling to begin as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. you can see the fog sitting off the coast, starting to move in, and that's what cooled the coast and the bay down tonight. so we'll look for a little patchy fog coastside. otherwise, look for clear skies inland, and antioch getting down to 62. 60 for concord, and 58 for san francisco. high pressure continuing to dominate. will continue to bring us very high heat tomorrow. in fact, here's a look at some record highs for tomorrow. these are the records. doesn't necessarily mean we'll reach these highs. gilroy, the record high is 108 set in 1963. in oakland, the record high is 95. san francisco, 92 degrees.
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some locations will be flirting with the possibility of some record highs tomorrow. it is a "spare the air" day tomorrow. air quality forecast moderate across the bay area, coast, and central bay, and then unhealthy levels, poor air qualities, towards the east bay. here's highs for monday. temperatures will come up a few more degrees. san jose, 94. mid-and upper 70s at the coast. half moon bay, 78-degrees. 90s for the peninsula. san francisco, 84 degrees. if we don't have much of a sea breeze influence tomorrow, that temperature could be warmer. so we'll monitor that. 97 for santa rosa, 95 for napa. oakland tomorrow, 88. 92 for fremont. and then as you head towards the east bay, that's when it's going to feel very hot and uncomfortable. 102 brentwood. concord, 99.
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livermore, 102. 102 for gilroy. 90 tomorrow for watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast, yet another warm day for tuesday, and then looks like things will start to cool off as the high starts starts to push f towards the east. more low clouds and fog thursday and friday, and cooler weather. >> carolyn: still quite warm, though. shu is here now, and he is feely grumpy. >> mike: i'm really grumpy. thank goodness for your cardinals. the raiders made the right choice with the quarterback change but the kicker went south, and the 49ers are sad sacks, falling to 0-3. thehehehehehehehehehehehehehehee
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mike mike. >> mike: there's an old saying that players win games, but coaches have to put their players in a position to win, and the 49ers are not holding up their end of the bargain. second quarter no score. crabtree slips. then the interception. niners, 11 first downs, next play, matt cassel, burned the niners. third quarter, cassel deep over the middle. the rookie out of iowa, a sensational one-handed grab. what happened the niners' top
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ten defense? fourth, alex goes down hard. niners totally outcoached on both sides of the ball. falling to 0-3. chiefs 3-0. niners embarrassed. 31-10 the final. >> raiders and cardinals in the desert. 16 seconded left in the second quarter. pay dirt. rushed for 105 yards. raiders led 20-17 at the half. laid in the third, derek anderson to larry fitzgerald. eight yards. a minute to play. fourth and ten from their own 36. brad -- after a pass interference, janikowski, wide left. third miss of the game. soccer player. a heartbreak for the raiders. see why i'm grumpy. national league pennant race is giving giant fans an ulcer, matt
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cain was money. flirted with a no-hitter. sanchez, drills one deep to left. see ya. second straight game with a home run. 2-0 giants. cain was dealing in the sixth. blows away eric young, jr. carries the no-hitter into the 8 am. one out in the 8th. uribe double-clutches, ruled an infield sing single so the no-no is gone. 4-2 giants win. coupled with a padres loss. >> a's were eliminated yesterday. a rare poor outing for cahill. gave up seven runs on 12 hits in four innings, the rangers win a shootout, 16-9.
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women's professional soccer championship, gold pride hosting philly. sinclair gets the rebound and converts, has a pair of goals today. 29th minute. wilson just inside the box. buries it in the back of the net. gold pride wins 4-0. went from worst to first in one season. congratulations to our former colleague, who is taking over as gm for the gold pride. a good move. golf coming up at 6:00 and i'll still be grumpy. >> carolyn: you have things to be happy about with the gold pride. we'll be right back. 50 years ago today an event that madadadadadadadadadadadadadadadd
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>> carolyn: 50 years ago today john f. kennedy was a real testifily unknown senator. the debate was the first on television. >> a record is never something to stand on. it's something to build on. >> are we doing as much as we can do? are we as strong as we should be? >> carolyn: people listening to that debate on radio thought nixon won and it was the opposite for television viewers who saw a pale, sweaty flexon -- nixon, and a calm kennedy. that does it for this edi


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